One of the least glamorous, but most important activities in 2019 was the repairs to the foundations. The Committee have bold plans to improve Lambeage Hall, in particular making it accessible for disabled people, and improving the facilities.

Before this could be commenced, we had to secure the existing building. Our structural engineer was very concerned at the state of the foundations, and for a short time all activities in the hall had to be suspended.

With the help of vigorous fundraising, a proactive quantity surveyor, and a committed builder, we were able to complete repairs to the foundations on programme and within budget, enabling the hall to reopen for the Arts Festival that was held in July. The scheme selected not only prevented the foundations from collapsing, but also provided an additional secure, dry storage room for the hall's ancillary equipment, such as marquees and seating. Timber racking has since been added down the length of the 'new' room, which improves its usefulness even more.

We look forward to the next phase of our development plan

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