Bookings Terms & Conditions


Lambeage Hall, School Hill, Coverack, Helston TR12 6SY

Registered Charity Number: 207905

Entertainment Licence Number: W2_PREM_00328_05




• The hall may be booked for recurring or single lettings. Hall hire is charged by the session (see website for charges). The specified rates cover the use of the hall and kitchen. Bar hire is available by negotiation with the licensee.

• Hirers must be aged 18 years and over. The Hirer agrees that all persons under the age of 18 years will be supervised.

• All Hirers charging a fee must have separate relevant Public Liability Insurance to validate their booking.

• No responsibility whatsoever can be taken for any personal items left on the premises or any damage caused by them to the premises or any misuse of them by others.

• No charge is made for cleaning, provided that all facilities are left clean, tidy and in good repair, including the toilets and kitchen equipment where used. Any charges incurred due to breakages or cleaning will be passed on to the Hirer or deducted from the deposit.

• Hirers will be contacted separately regarding access to the hall.

• Lambeage Hall is run by a volunteer committee and members may not be available to answer questions on the day of your event.


• A refundable damages deposit of £50 will be charged for private Hirers at the time of booking. This is in addition to the hire charge and will be refunded by cheque after the event subject to a satisfactory inspection.

• Booking invoices must be paid within 14 days from the date of invoice.

• Regular Hirers will be invoiced on a quarterly basis in arrears and payment terms are 14 days from the date of invoice.

• For wedding receptions, the rate of hire is 3 days minimum.

• For parties the Hirer must book extra time for clearing up and cleaning, unless this can be achieved effectively the same day.


• Hirers may cancel bookings by giving at least 14 days’ notice.

• If a Hirer cancels a booking with at least 14 days’ notice being given, the hiring charge will be refunded.

• Cancellations made with less than 14 days’ notice are liable to a payment of the whole hiring charge.

• The Lambeage Hall Committee reserve the right to cancel any booking by giving notice in writing and returning the hiring charge and deposit, should the purpose of hiring the hall be in any way improper or unauthorised, or should the building be required as a Polling Station, or in a case of force majeure. The Lambeage Hall Committee shall not be liable to pay to the Hirer any money or loss incurred by the cancellation.


Responsibility for the premises and the key rests with the Hirer during the period of access to the hall. The hire period must include set-up and clear-up times. The premises must not be accessed outside of the agreed hire period and must be vacated promptly at the end of the hire.

The Lambeage Hall Committee reserve the right to enter the hall at any time during an event if it has reason to believe there may be a problem, and to impose further conditions on the spot or curtail the event as it considers necessary for the welfare of guests or the safety of the building or the impropriety of use.


Hirers must contact the Bookings Secretary a minimum of one week before the date of hire to make access arrangements.


Whilst you are of course welcome to use The Battery, when making a booking please be aware that this area is a public space with a children’s playground, and is part of the South West Coast Path, and cannot therefore be used exclusively for your event.

In the interest of animal welfare, no plastic confetti or such like can be used which may ultimately find its way into the sea.


The hall holds the appropriate licences for Public Entertainment. Music and entertainment must cease by 11.30pm and all music must be kept to a suitable level to avoid disturbance of neighbours with all windows and doors remaining closed from 9.00pm onwards. This is a legal condition of Lambeage Hall’s Entertainment Licence and failure to comply could jeopardise this licence. For commercial hirers or regular bookings with fees, Hirers should ensure that they have proper insurance for any equipment used in the hall, to include any damage caused by them to the hall and its users.


It is the responsibility of the individual Hirers to ensure that they are aware of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and to take reasonable precautions to ensure that their activities are carried out in a responsible way.

Responsibility for the use and safety of electrical equipment brought onto the premises by the Hirer rests entirely with the Hirer.

The capacity of the hall is 90. Hirers are advised to carry out their own risk assessment for safe numbers at the event/activity considering equipment, cast, crew and caterers etc. A template can be found on our website.

A copy of the Lambeage Hall’s Health & Safety Policy is kept on display in the hall. The first aid kit is stored in the kitchen together with the Accident Report Forms. Any accidents should be reported to a delegated committee member, whose contact details are displayed in the hall.


Hirers must take responsibility for the safeguarding and wellbeing of those attending their events. Any hirer running regular events during which they are responsible for young and/or vulnerable people, must have their own safeguarding policy in place as well as adhering to that of the Lambeage Hall. Leaders of these regular events must hold a DBS check certificate, and most show it to an officer of the Lambeage Committee when requested.


Hirers must make themselves familiar with the location of the fire extinguishers and the instructions for use, emergency exits and the importance of fire doors being kept clear at all times. Hirers will be responsible for informing all those using the hall of the position of the emergency exits

Hirers must also familiarise themselves with the instructions on what to do in case of fire. Instructions are displayed on the notice board in the hall.

Fireworks and candles are not allowed, either for internal or external use with the exception of birthday cake candles.


Please be aware there is an area for drop-off and collection only, and cars must be parked elsewhere in the village.


The Lambeage Hall has a Premises (Entertainment) Licence as required under the Licensing Act 2003 and alcohol may only be sold on the premises by the Licence Holder James Macfarlane and his team. If hiring the bar, contact must be made with the licence holder 2-3 weeks before the event to discuss requirements.

Alcohol consumption by persons under the age of 18 years must not be permitted. It is an offence to serve/sell alcohol to persons under 18 years of age. Young persons aged 16 and 17 years may consume wine, beer or cider at a table meal when accompanied by an adult at the meal.

If for any reason alcohol is being sold without prior arrangement, or there are signs of alcohol-related behaviour, any member of the Lambeage Hall Committee can close the event immediately.

The Lambeage Hall Committee and Hirer can be held legally responsible for criminal offences carried out at the hall and as a result the hall may lose its licence. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL THE LAMBEAGE HALL COMMITTEE TOLERATE ANY BREACH OF THE ABOVE LEGISLATION.


Under the Food Safety Act 1990, it is the responsibility of persons providing food for any event held in the hall to ensure that they are aware of and abide by the legal requirements. The Lambeage Hall Committee is not responsible for any food brought into the hall.



In order that the hall can be kept in good condition for all, would Hirers please do the following at the end of each hire:

1. Please ensure that the hall floor is left in good condition ready for the next user. Sweep or mop the floor to move any mess and or spillages. Cleaning equipment can be found in the kitchen.

2. Ensure tables are clean before putting away, and put chairs and tables away where you found them.

3. Check that all taps in the toilets and kitchen are turned off. Ensure the toilets are clean and the refrigerator is empty, clean, switched off and door left open if you have used it.

4. Please wash up, dry and put away any kitchen equipment you have used.

5. There is no rubbish collection at the Lambeage Hall so please ensure you take your rubbish away with you.

6. Prop open the cushion cupboard by the hall doors if you have closed this.

7. Switch off the hot water and cooker – labelled in the kitchen.

8. Check that all fire doors are shut, windows are closed and lights are off.

9. Lock the outer doors.

10. Return the key.

Your deposit will be forfeited if the Conditions of Hire have not been met.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Cookies Policy


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Environmental Policy


The Lambeage Hall Committee recognises that the activities of and within the hall have an impact on both the local and wider environment. This policy sets out how the committee aims to minimise these impacts and applies to all users of, and activities within, the hall.

We will

  1. · Comply with all relevant legislation and regulations;

· Communicate this Environmental Policy to all members of the committee, and hirers of the hall, through making a copy available on the Lambeage Hall website and on the noticeboard in the hall. A copy will also be provided to all hirers of the hall when making a booking.

· Seek to minimise the impact of the Lambeage Hall and activities within through:

o Energy

  1. Ensure energy is used efficiently and where possible minimise its use.

  2. Consider energy efficiency when replacing appliances and if undertaking refurbishment.

  3. Conduct an energy audit and consider switching to renewable energy.

o Water

  1. Use water efficiently and encourage hall users to do the same.

  2. Install water-saving measures where possible.

o Waste

  1. Promote the use of the waste hierarchy: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

  2. Ensure waste from the hall is safely, legally and appropriately disposed of.

o Transport

  1. Promote the use of walking, cycling, public transport and car-sharing to access the hall, on our website and through information provided to hirers.

  2. Provide cycle storage for hall users.

o Local Environment

  1. Manage the Battery to protect and enhance the local environment by eliminating the use of chemicals, encouraging wildlife, and developing attractive planting areas.

o Chemicals and Pollution

  1. Choose cleaning products in relation to their environmental credentials.

  2. Minimise pollutants entering the drainage system.

o Purchasing

  1. Consider the lifetime impacts of equipment and consumables, including energy efficient, how long it will last, whether it can be repaired, and how it will be disposed of at the end of its life.

This policy will be implemented by the Lambeage Hall Committee, and will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Signed on behalf of the Committee:

Name: Rod Pierce

Position: Chair – Lambeage Hall Committee

Date: 6th February 2020

Review: 6th February 2021

Health and Safety Policy


1. Our policy is to provide healthy and safe working conditions, equipment and systems of work for any of our employees, volunteers and users and to provide all such training and information as is necessary. We also accept responsibility for other people who may be affected by our activities including all users of the building and contractors who may work here.

2. Health and Safety policy of Lambeage Hall

2.1 It is the intention of Lambeage Hall Committee to comply with Health & Safety legislation and to act positively where it can to prevent injury, ill health or any danger or loss arising from its activities and operations.

2.2 Lambeage Hall Committee consider the promotion of the health and safety of its employees at work and of those who may be affected by its activities and operations to be of essential importance. The Committee recognises that the effective prevention of accidents depends as much on a committed attitude of mind to safety as on the operation and maintenance of equipment and safe systems of work. To this end it will seek to encourage employees, volunteers, users and hirers to participate in the establishment and observance of Safe Working Practices.

2.3.1 Employees, volunteers, users, hirers and visitors will be expected to recognise that there is a clear duty on them to exercise self-discipline and accept responsibility to do everything they can to prevent injury to themselves or others.

2.3.2 However, it is recognised that accidents causing injury may occur and, if they do, we ask that ALL incidents are recorded in the Accident Book which is contained within the First Aid cabinet in the Kitchen. The cabinet contains a First Aid kit which is suitable for minor injuries. We ask that if any items are used, they are recorded in the Accident Book so that they can be replaced. This will be checked every 2 months by the nominated first aider in case replacements are required. The First Aid Kit is inspected annually in February to ensure contents are up to date. For more serious injuries it is advised that the Emergency Services are contacted, and this is reported to the committee as soon as possible in case of HSE enquiry, or necessary follow-up action by the committee.

2.3.3 Fire Exits – All fire doors and exits must be kept clear and not obstructed by chairs, tables or other obstructions, at all times. Fire extinguishers are located in the hall and kitchen, and these are tested annually.

2.3.4 Portable electrical appliances brought into the Village Hall must have a valid certificate attached to it stating that it has been tested and approved for use within the previous 12 months. All portable appliances owned by the Lambeage Hall are checked annually by a qualified electrician, and the portable appliance testing certificate is displayed on the hall noticeboard.

2.3.4 Equipment available to hirers, such as tables, chairs and kitchen equipment, is checked on a regular basis and recorded in the maintenance record by the caretaker. The maintenance record is located in the kitchen.

2.3.5 Outside steps and paths are regularly inspected and maintained to ensure safe use. A visual inspection is carried out by the caretaker, and recorded in the maintenance record.

2.3.6 Outside playground equipment is checked on a monthly basis by Bob Sanders and an annual inspection takes place each year by RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), to ensure safe use. A weekly visual inspection is also carried out by the caretaker, and is recorded in the maintenance record.

Nominated First Aider is Meg Reed

Caretaker is Dave Martin

Signed on behalf of the Committee:

Name: Rod Pierce

Position: Chair – Lambeage Hall Committee

Date: 6th February 2020

Review: 6th February 2021

Privacy Policy


Lambeage Village Hall and Walled Garden is a registered charity number 207905, run by a committee of volunteers.

We are at:

Lambeage Hall & Battery
Sunny Corner
School Hill


TR12 6SY

Our website address is https://www.lambeagehall.org.uk

We know how important it is for you to understand how we use your data. This Privacy Policy sets out how and why we collect, store, process and share your personal data. We will always be transparent with you about what we do with your personal data.

This Policy also tells you what your rights are in relation to the personal data you give to us. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or your rights under it, please contact us by post at the above address or by email on info@lambeagehall.org.uk.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

Lambeage Hall uses personal data (name, address, telephone contact number, email address) for the purposes of managing the hall, its bookings and finances, running and marketing events at the hall, staff employment and its fundraising activities.

The lawful reason for processing data in this way is “contract” for the purposes of managing the hall, its bookings and finances, running and marketing events at the hall and staff employment.

The lawful reason for processing data for fundraising activities is “legitimate interest”.

The lawful reason for processing data in relation to the Lambeage Hall’s Updates and Volunteers mailing list is “consent”.

We won’t use your information for any other purposes unless we are required to do so by law.

Privacy on our booking system

All our bookings are processed on a cloud-based system provided by Hallmaster. As such, all user bookings are subject to the Hallmaster terms of service, regardless of whether the booking has been entered by the end user, or by the hall booking administrator on behalf of the end user. The relevant policies are:

  • Hallmaster Terms & Conditions

  • Privacy Policy

  • Hallmaster User Licence Agreement

Privacy on our website

Comments – Our website does not support user comments, therefore no personal details are retained.

  • Cookies – No cookies are set for website users, and if any are implemented they will only be used for tracking usage of the website and no personal information will be used. Cookies are only used to track administrators – when they are logged in, and any specific settings they use. See separate Cookie Policy.

  • Media – if you provide images for use on the website, you should avoid providing images with embedded meta data (e.g. EXIF GPS, or IPTC caption or key words) which might provide personal information. Visitors to the website can download and extract any such data from images on the website.

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Who we share your data with

We may share your personal information with:

  • Our IT service and infrastructure providers that we use as part of our IT storage solutions.

  • Any other third-party entities who perform functions on our behalf and who also provide services to us.

  • Any other third parties as required by law or for the purposes of crime (including fraud), to prevent or investigate breaches of, or to enforce, our Terms, to respond to or investigate security vulnerabilities, or to respond to emergencies, and to protect the rights of third parties.

Any third parties with which we share your personal information have entered into a legally binding data sharing agreement with us and comply with similar and no less stringent undertakings of privacy and confidentiality to those set out in this Privacy Policy.

How long we retain your data

Data collected for the purposes of managing the hall, its bookings and finances, running and marketing events at the hall, staff employment and its fundraising activities, may be retained for up to 7 years for accounts purposes and for longer where required by the hall’s insurers. If you would like to find out more about how we use your personal data or want to see a copy of information about you that we hold, please contact info@lambeagehall.org.uk.

For users who sign up to the Volunteers and Updates emails and newsletters, we will retain your information for this purpose for as long as you subscribe and thereafter for a period of 2 years. You can unsubscribe at any time by replying to the email requesting to be removed from the list. All emails are sent BCC, so personal data is not shared.

What rights you have over your data

  • The right to be informed
    You have the right to be provided with clear, transparent and easily understandable information about how we use your information and your rights. This is why we’re providing you with the information in this Privacy Policy.

  • The right of access
    You have the right to obtain access to your information (if we’re processing it), and other certain other information (similar to that provided in this Privacy Policy). This is so you’re aware and can check that we’re using your information in accordance with data protection law.

  • The right to rectification
    You’re entitled to have your information corrected if it’s inaccurate or incomplete.

  • The right to erasure
    This is also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’ and, in simple terms, enables you to request the deletion or removal of your information where there’s no compelling reason for us to keep using it. This is not a general right to erasure; there are exceptions.

  • The right to restrict processing
    You have rights to ‘block’ or suppress further use of your information. When processing is restricted, we can still store your information, but may not use it further. We keep lists of people who have asked for further use of their information to be ‘blocked’ to make sure the restriction is respected in future.

  • The right to data portability
    You have rights to obtain and reuse your personal data for your own purposes across different services. E.g., if you decide to switch to a new provider, this enables you to move, copy or transfer your information easily between our IT systems and theirs safely and securely, without affecting its usability.

  • The right to object
    You have the right to object to certain types of processing, including processing for direct marketing.

We will usually act on requests and provide information free of charge, but may charge a reasonable fee to cover our administrative costs of providing information for:

  • Baseless or excessive/repeated requests

  • Further copies of the same information.

Alternatively, we may be entitled to refuse to act on the request.

Please consider your request responsibly before submitting it. We’ll respond as soon as we can. Generally, this will be within one month from the time we receive your request, but if the request would take longer than that to deal with, we will let you know.

Making a complaint

If you are unhappy with how we’ve handled your information, or you would like to exercise your rights, contact us at info@lambeagehall.org.uk. If you’re not satisfied with our response to your complaint or believe our processing of your information does not comply with data protection law, you can make a complaint to the UK data protection authority, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

How will you know if we amend this Privacy Policy?

We may need to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time. If we make any material change to how we collect, use or share your personal information, we will update this Privacy Policy and inform you of these changes by posting prominent notices of the key changes on our website.

Signed on behalf of the Committee:

Name: Rod Pierce

Position: Chair – Lambeage Hall Committee

Date: 6th February 2020

Review: 6th February 2021

This policy was first published on 6th February 2020.

Safeguarding - Child and Vulnerable Adults


This statement of policy and procedures applies to users of, and activities in, Lambeage Hall and Battery and any ancillary activities which are the responsibility of Lambeage Hall. This policy is in place to protect all children and vulnerable adults regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, religion or faith.

The welfare of the child or vulnerable adult is paramount and is the responsibility of everyone. All children and vulnerable adults have the right to protection from abuse whether physical, sexual, neglect or emotional: verbal, bullying, exclusion.

All people associated with Lambeage Hall and its use have a responsibility for the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. This includes creating an environment and providing opportunities for Children and Adults at Risk to tell you what you are doing well, what risks there are to them and how you can help keep them and others safe.

The named Child and Vulnerable Adult Protection Officer on the Committee is Helen Macfarlane who undertakes regular update training and holds an enhanced DBS. If you have concerns regarding any safeguarding issue at Lambeage Hall or the Battery, please contact her on 01326 280594 or via email helen8macfarlane@gmail.com. Alternatively you may express your concerns in writing and place in the locked suggestions box in the entrance lobby to the hall. This box will be opened by a committee member most weeks.

The Management Committee will endeavour to keep the premises safe for use. All have received ‘code of conduct’ training and guidance from the hall’s Child Protection officer, and given written notes on the training.

No member of the Committee, hall staff, outside contractors, hirers or volunteers will have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults unless in possession of appropriate clearance such as DBS.

The Management Committee will ensure that all hirers/users of the Hall are aware that any safeguarding of children or vulnerable adults is the responsibility of the hirers.

Hirers need to be aware that facilities such as the toilets might be shared with other groups and bar/café users and that appropriate supervision/arrangements should be made.

The Committee will ensure that hirers are made aware of their obligations under the Licensing Act 2003 to ensure that alcohol is not sold to those under the age of 18 and is only consumed by them in line with Lambeage licensing regulations. No children may be admitted to films etc when they are below the age classification for the film or show.

Acceptance of Lambeage Hall's safeguarding policy is part of the agreed contract taken out on hiring the Hall. Members of the Management Committee and hirers who do not adhere to this policy will be investigated by the hall’s Chairman and Child Protection Officer. As a result they will either receive further training or be barred from being on the committee or hiring the hall.

If you have safeguarding concerns about any committee member, you have a duty to report these to the Safeguarding Officer. If you have concerns that the safeguarding officer is not fulfilling her role, report her to the Chairman of the management committee. Whistle blowers who report to the Chair or Safeguarding Officer will have their anonymity respected.

A copy of this policy will be displayed for the attention of all on the Hall notice board. All our policies are available on the Lambeage Hall website. The policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.


Signed on behalf of the Committee:

Name: Rod Pierce Safeguarding Officer

Position: Chair – Lambeage Hall Committee Helen Macfarlane

01326 280208 01326 280594

rod.pierce@btinternet.com helen8macfarlane@gmail.com

Date: 13th January 2021

Review: 13th January 2022

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